Born and live in Surabaya, Indonesia. 7-minutes workout application in my iPad would be the best thing I've ever teamed up with. I like Pokemon, I've been playing all the games since I was in elementary school. I buy a lot of stuffs online and I regret it later. I wish I had superheroes abilities, Wolverine's self-healing ability, Susan Storm's shield and disappearing power, Monica Dawson's fast physical motion replicating power, Jane Volturi's power of giving pain in other people's minds, and anything that any wizards in Harry Potter World can do with their wands. I have an alter-ego. I always describe myself similar with Johanna Mason when she was a Tribute in 71st Hunger Games, a freak killer who impersonates a weakling for the masquerade. Looks like nobody outside, but truly somebody inside. *devil laugh*

Writer Details

FULL NAME / Aga Satria Nurachman
HOMETOWN / Surabaya, ID
OCCUPATION / Artworker, Doctor of Dental Medicine
AGE / 24 years old

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